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Welcome to Baïcchus Tour !


This Baicchus Tour takes roots in some yet old long thoughts. Riding my bike, travelling Europe and discovering mountains vineyards, from Alps to Caucasus mountains. Sharing life of vine-growers who keep their thousand years old “know-how” alive... “Picking” on my way some emblematic summits stood in crossed regions.

Nowadays everything is going fast and the “know-how” may be skipped for marketing or technical purposes. Consequently the varieties of wines might be reduced in favor of famous internationally admitted (renown) wines...
I then drew up a cycling trip from my door, going to meet some “special” vine-growers, gardians from ever of these varieties, diversity and knowledge.

I will leave France, which is a rich wine-producing patrimony, and will go to Caucasus mountains slopes, where is born the fantastic adventure of wine.

This cycling trip comes from a deep wish of going further at time tempo. In parallel, taking time to live my passion for climbing and mountaineering. And then reporting later detailed information collected from these meeted winepeople, who heroically and passionately keep looking after their vineyards, caught to steep slopes.

I wish to realise this “Baicchus Tour” by my calves and my will’s force, in respect to the wild and cared environment of crossed places. I wish through this project, giving evidence in necessity of assigning to future generations this specific know-how, and some sound grounds...

In that goal, I will privilege visits of Organic and Biodynamic Agricultural estate.

Nevertheless from plans to concrete Baicchus Tour, there is one step. My will unfortunately not be strong enough without few more financial and material support.
This Baicchus Tour is turned towards people with courage and will, devoted to vineyards and mountains. The partners chapter shows associations and companies which are generously supporting the Baicchus Tour.
The Baïcchus tour website is going to unveil this beautiful adventure, to make you envious to follow my story, and to become a privileged partner of this odyssey.... this human and scientific adventure ... in order to reach the coeveted tops together.


Me, from vineyard to mountaineering...

After some long studies on winemaking and wine growing... few travels around the world, and few years to be consultant on winemaking and wine growing for the vineyards of Côteaux du Lyonnais, Côte-Rôtie, Condrieu in the Rône Valley - France ... I started a new adventure around the mountain vineyard. I want to study all the particularity of the specific vineyard by the winegrowers... Specificaly the organic and biodynamic estate... To stay coherent, I choise to do it by bike, with a tent and a trailer to carry all I need...

The second part of the trip is to do the main summit of the region visited... From the Mont-Blanc and Elbruz... the two europeen roof?!




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