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Starting point

Starting Point

Riding my bike, for one year, and melting two passions; mountains and vineyards.
The vine culture and the alchemy which makes wine from grappejuice, are certainly born in mythical Caucasus mountains feet. More than 6000 years ago. There was one step, the Baicchus Tour, to rally forgotten vineyards of Europe to those who have watched the “viticulture” born.
My passion for mountaineering needed to add on the Baïcchus Tour way the climbing of mythical summits stood in the crossed massifs.
My travelling companions... I will go by myself, which makes encountering people easier, keeping some long period of time for working with local vine-growers.
Regarding mountaineering and climbing periods, many climber friends will join me along my way. An on line program on this website will ease logistic and management topics (skis, ropes...) of these stays.

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