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Cyprus waiting for Baïcchus Tour

Cyprus is waiting for Baïcchus Tour...

Evoinos Cyprus Wine


First day on the road to Lyon area

A few pictures of the Coteaux du Lyonnais

Baïcchus Tour ... Here we go !

Thanks for all who came....

I start from "les Coteaux du Lyonnais", to Lyon then Chaponost, my first stage !

The Baicchus Tour is now on the web !

Here we are ! The Baicchus Tour is now on the web !

It was not as easy as we thought at the begining ! We wished to do it properly and to have a good content managment system, offering some quite good capacity of multi langual management.

We finaly go for DUPRAL. A lot of setting have to be done and the theme could be improve, but we are confident !

Please give us some feedback !


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